Dialogues on the Dance Floor

an experimental, relaxed, dynamic, high spirited, meditative, gently guided, user friendly, participant fueled heart-based, creative space for dance improvisation & contact improvisation… improvised movement dialogues -- in and out of contact. All organic naturally sweetened for solo, partnering, and group improv where boundary setting & boundary stretching, creativity & physical wellness... occur naturally. A great place to dance your ass off, eh.

Dance proposes
tenders permission,
provides a straight forward visible, tangible,
delectable platform for dialogue...
a fabric concerto of
muscle and limb
swirling instinctive tempos
engaged in anonymous intimacies
and tapestries

which emerge from the interior world and find expression
in weaves and waves of authentic impulse,
theatrical, funny, serious, silly, erotic, romantic,exotic,
indulgent, precise, often divine, within a deliciousness of organic compulsion...
evoking irreverent fantasies of real world desires,
extra-ordinary stories of ancestral fires,
childhood influences

lived out
right now and left right
in real time and space -- elementary rudimentary,
fundamentally and primarily a non verbal ecology of
fantasy & creativity instinctively spinning
the hearts and minds into moving feelings-- with only the clock and the bladder to limit the evening...
no cd nor dvd nor mp3 to take home and replay --
but do take home the flush, the buzz, the joy, sweat fatigue and satisfaction,
a memory of dance floor meetings and breathless
alone and with others

around and within

the trios, duets and solo expressions
of wordless wind storms and gentle
which Dance

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Where in the world is Dialogues on the Dance Floor?

we are a small group of kindred souls,
who simply love to be on a dance floor,

warming up, letting
floor massage
skin stretch
muscle, inter-play with bones, energise joints...

gradually (or not) beginning to say whatever we feel like saying, with movement and dance
improvised in the moment,

using a wide variety of musical and physical impulses,
intuitions and creative fun driven pleasure

to create a user friendly,
good for body - good for soul
good for head - good for heart

no shoes nor have to's,
jus' chillin' in an environment conducive to flyin' -
and /or lying around, and sighing...

where we are all 'beginners'

intimate and respectful,
personal and communal,
creative, and engaging,

a small 'moving family' where
newbies are always welcome to join us
in a
heart-and-fun based
physical evening
especially as expressed through
non verbal improvised in-the-moment dialogues
in and out of contact
with as much or little energy
output as you desire,
as long as you go home
satisfied with yourself :-) eh?

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